Friday, 25 September 2015

Loosen up a bit; Laugh out loud!!!

Loosen up a bit;
Laugh out loud;
Do things that you think are not important; have lived a bit!
Take a vacation from your seriousness
and holding yourself too important.
No matter how great or important you are,
tomorrow the World will still go on in your absence.
This should make you realise, all that matters is
the present.
Not the past, definitely not the future
So live now, live today.
Remember, this moment is precious because
it was never before and will not repeat itself again......
ever in future!
so this is the time to be ALIVE!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

To exit is not to quit...

'To exit is not to quit" .......... "Nobody gives you a solo, you have to take it!"
These are the two very profound, inspiring and motivating lessons I have learnt from one of the precious teachers in my life, Katie Duck. 
Though I did understand the meaning of these statements when I heard it from her, it's only at this point of time do I feel the enormity of these lessons. Every time my ego kicks in, I say to myself "To exit is not to quit". When I cannot create something meaningful and beautiful it makes sense to step out and provide a space for something wonderful to happen. It is truly a satisfying feeling to know that I helped for something beautiful to emerge. I am indeed an important part of that creation.
At the same time I have learnt not to sulk and get negative when I THINK I am not getting enough attention or importance. All I do now is check with myself if I really want to do something and then make an initiative to 'take my solo'. Yes, I am capable of doing it! And, trust me, I surprise myself every time I decide to do so.