Friday, 27 November 2015

The life cycle...

If you aren't back to where you began, all it means is that the journey is not yet over. Maybe, it will take a life-time; may be many. But you will end your journey exactly where you began. This is the nature of life. Even the Universe will end it's journey exactly where it began - in the infinitesimal black hole of absolute death. And on the other side of that death, life will begin once again in a massive big bang. And so it will continue in a never ending cycle.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The dark silence..

The dark silence speaks a thousand things to me.
It shows me the vibrant colours of 
peace, love and happiness
A small window opens through the silence of darkness and
leads me to a world of red noise where
everything is a hustle-bustle;
where everyone is in a hurry.
I walk through the garden full of wonderful colourful flowers
but alas!
I can't smell anything..
somewhere among the busy crowd
I see your smiling face and
a deep sense of peace rests within me