Thursday, 18 January 2018

I fold & unfold as I rise & fall....

My breath deep & constant,
A rhythm well in sync.
My body folds & unfolds.
The folding & unfolding, rising & falling- all seem so subtle & monotonous at the start
As I go deeper into the process there is a wave of things folding & unfolding, rising & falling within me.
My thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, my instincts- all of them rise & fall through the wave of my breath;
All of them fold & unfold along with my physical body.
It’s a beautiful journey through the breath, mind & body.
Then comes my voice, layering the process that is already on a roll.
The entire texture of the fabric I am weaving, changes .
It changes to a new colour ,new feel & new flow.
Then you add your breath, voice & touch to my process 
& the entire story of my fabric takes a new form.
It’s like our day-to-day story;
How we rise & fall with each other;
How we fold & unfold with the events that happen; 
How we resonate with the breath - with self & with each the other.
Life seems like a constant journey of rising & falling, folding & unfolding- too simple to watch,
Too elaborate to live through.
My entire being is contained within this process of rising & falling, folding & unfolding;
Constantly changing form, colour, shade & texture;
Yet maintaining the uniqueness that I am blessed with 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

'The head that won't stand' - book review

‘The past is a candle at the great distance: too close to let you quit, too far to comfort you.’ - Amy Bloom

I am not sure what I was expecting when I chose the book ‘The head that won’t stand’ written by Kavita Chandran, as my bed-time read. It’s a very simple book with a very simple language yet with deep stories in it! Once I started going through the pages, my hands refused to put the book down, my head & heart just wouldn’t agree to break the train of memories, thoughts & imagination they were going through. It was as if  I was totally engulfed by the book. With every page I was walking with the author through her memory lanes which I have also passed through in the past- the same city, same Shala, same guru. Only the other characters were different.. 
This book is so special to me for having given me an opportunity to re-live the life-changing experience I have had with the beginning of my yoga journey in this beautiful place called Mysore & the amazing Guru Bharath Shetty. The ever supportive & encouraging fellow practitioners who inspired me to look at myself & the life around with an entirely new perspective. I have never been the same since. That was the birth of a new person within me.
Now when I think, my life feels like a huge spiral staircase decorated with some interesting memories at every step. It feels like, through this book, I am reminiscing the fond memories of my experience in Mysore. Like in a fairy tale, I look through the magic mirror & marvel at the various experiences & people who have contributed in moulding me into the person I am today. And I just can’t stop being amazed at the thought that this moulding of personality is a life-long process; a new me is going to be born every day, bringing in the opportunity & possibility of a new life.
With immense gratitude I thank the author Kavita Chandran for penning down her experience & memories and sharing it with the World, making it possible for me( & probably for many more people) to re-live those  wonderful days of life! 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

An ode to the woman!!

A pillar of strength ,
woman of substance
so full of life,
your energies always vibe.

A mind so fresh,
no hates & regrets.
You focus & you aim,
you are so disciplined in your game.

You vow, you take a bow;
you always know 'how'!!
You cry, you laugh
you do the drama & knock everyone off.

you love, you care
you know how to nurture &
to give for the ones in despair.
you are the woman,
you are the strength
you are the one who has brought life to this length.

Go ahead, nothing can ever stop you
Bring a smile on your face & step ahead.
Step ahead with love, care, joy & awareness.
Remember, you are IMPORTANT!!
You are important because you
have the ability to uplift not just yourself
but the World around!

So go ahead & take your step.
Step with love, care, joy & awareness!!
You are the woman,
You are the strength.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

A new me... at the threshold of a new life!

I stand at the threshold of a new life ahead of me.
A new day, a new me.
I turn back to bid good bye to the life that has already passed.
It's a glimpse of the old me who has given birth to the new me.
It'a a glimpse of all those joys, sorrows, highs, lows, love, heartbreak, anger, gratitude, pride, humbleness... these are the experiences that have moulded me into the person I am today.
I see the pain of falling down & the perseverance, courage, challenge & joy of rising up again!

I see all those people who have walked through my life, left a impression on my heart.
Some stayed, some walked away &, some come & go.
I say a prayer of gratitude to all these people, they have contributed greatly to my life.
I cherish the ones who still stand by me; you are a very precious part of my life & I hold you dearest to my heart.
I am grateful to those who walked away; I shall always think of you with gratitude.

I embrace all those precious lessons life has taught me;I promise to never forget them & always imbibe those gems into my life to make a better me.

I think of all those silly things I have done; I giggle & laugh to myself . I promise to never let go of the child within me.
I look at all my mistakes with guilt & pain, & regret the hurt I have caused to the people around.
"I am very sorry, please forgive me. Please know, I love you very much."

I look at those times when I have gone into a cocoon & underestimated my own ability;
the times when I have been over-critical & over-cynical about self.
I apologise to myself & promise to hold on to the confidence & pride of being ME! I shall always respect, cherish & better myself, personally & professionally.

I look at the things that I did well, the achievements I have had, the good I did. I pat myself & say, "Good going girl, keep it up!"

With all these precious experiences of the past I look forward to the lovely tomorrow that is standing in front of me. I say a prayer of gratitude & with an open heart, mind & arms spread wide open I jump into the ocean of life that is ready to engulf me with all its mysticism & divinity.

I am ready for life!
I am ready to go places!!!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Power play

It's very interesting to observe how we all wield our power on each other. Be it the power of money, power of position, power of pedigree, power of knowledge, power of talent and potential, power of influencing people or being influenced, or the sheer power of being in power. It seems such an innate characteristic feature in all human beings. Every single person plays politics using this power. It could be either for thier own good or for the good of others (the latter seldom happens). Now, who is to decide what is good for me or for you?? So the bottom line is that politics and power play are as abundant as pollution in our environment. Whether we like it or not they will cross path with us, may be once in a while or more often (if u are the chosen one).