Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Live, Love, Laugh...

"You deserve to give yourself permission to have a real good shot at what you so love in life. Don't give up so easily on your dreams. You need to decide for yourself whether you are a 'wanna be' or an 'achiever'. A 'wanna be' is the one who holds back himself fearing all the things he would lose if he went on a path to fulfil his dreams. And an 'achiever' is one who trusts his dreams, makes it the centre of his life and has the courage and the wisdom to at least try his best to be true to his desire.
Don't give yourself a chance to regret, while on your death bed, the chances when you could have actually lived, loved and laughed. Express your being, express your love, your desire, your dreams.... live life, don't just exist."

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