Saturday, 31 December 2016

A new me... at the threshold of a new life!

I stand at the threshold of a new life ahead of me.
A new day, a new me.
I turn back to bid good bye to the life that has already passed.
It's a glimpse of the old me who has given birth to the new me.
It'a a glimpse of all those joys, sorrows, highs, lows, love, heartbreak, anger, gratitude, pride, humbleness... these are the experiences that have moulded me into the person I am today.
I see the pain of falling down & the perseverance, courage, challenge & joy of rising up again!

I see all those people who have walked through my life, left a impression on my heart.
Some stayed, some walked away &, some come & go.
I say a prayer of gratitude to all these people, they have contributed greatly to my life.
I cherish the ones who still stand by me; you are a very precious part of my life & I hold you dearest to my heart.
I am grateful to those who walked away; I shall always think of you with gratitude.

I embrace all those precious lessons life has taught me;I promise to never forget them & always imbibe those gems into my life to make a better me.

I think of all those silly things I have done; I giggle & laugh to myself . I promise to never let go of the child within me.
I look at all my mistakes with guilt & pain, & regret the hurt I have caused to the people around.
"I am very sorry, please forgive me. Please know, I love you very much."

I look at those times when I have gone into a cocoon & underestimated my own ability;
the times when I have been over-critical & over-cynical about self.
I apologise to myself & promise to hold on to the confidence & pride of being ME! I shall always respect, cherish & better myself, personally & professionally.

I look at the things that I did well, the achievements I have had, the good I did. I pat myself & say, "Good going girl, keep it up!"

With all these precious experiences of the past I look forward to the lovely tomorrow that is standing in front of me. I say a prayer of gratitude & with an open heart, mind & arms spread wide open I jump into the ocean of life that is ready to engulf me with all its mysticism & divinity.

I am ready for life!
I am ready to go places!!!

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