Wednesday, 8 March 2017

An ode to the woman!!

A pillar of strength ,
woman of substance
so full of life,
your energies always vibe.

A mind so fresh,
no hates & regrets.
You focus & you aim,
you are so disciplined in your game.

You vow, you take a bow;
you always know 'how'!!
You cry, you laugh
you do the drama & knock everyone off.

you love, you care
you know how to nurture &
to give for the ones in despair.
you are the woman,
you are the strength
you are the one who has brought life to this length.

Go ahead, nothing can ever stop you
Bring a smile on your face & step ahead.
Step ahead with love, care, joy & awareness.
Remember, you are IMPORTANT!!
You are important because you
have the ability to uplift not just yourself
but the World around!

So go ahead & take your step.
Step with love, care, joy & awareness!!
You are the woman,
You are the strength.

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