Thursday, 18 January 2018

I fold & unfold as I rise & fall....

My breath deep & constant,
A rhythm well in sync.
My body folds & unfolds.
The folding & unfolding, rising & falling- all seem so subtle & monotonous at the start
As I go deeper into the process there is a wave of things folding & unfolding, rising & falling within me.
My thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, my instincts- all of them rise & fall through the wave of my breath;
All of them fold & unfold along with my physical body.
It’s a beautiful journey through the breath, mind & body.
Then comes my voice, layering the process that is already on a roll.
The entire texture of the fabric I am weaving, changes .
It changes to a new colour ,new feel & new flow.
Then you add your breath, voice & touch to my process 
& the entire story of my fabric takes a new form.
It’s like our day-to-day story;
How we rise & fall with each other;
How we fold & unfold with the events that happen; 
How we resonate with the breath - with self & with each the other.
Life seems like a constant journey of rising & falling, folding & unfolding- too simple to watch,
Too elaborate to live through.
My entire being is contained within this process of rising & falling, folding & unfolding;
Constantly changing form, colour, shade & texture;
Yet maintaining the uniqueness that I am blessed with 

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